Mistborn: The Final Empire – Brandon Sanderson

img_5576When I find a book, I like to read it very fast. That’s what happened with Mistborn: The Final Empire. I first heard about Brandon Sanderson when I heard he was going to pick up writing The Wheel of Time novels. However since I wasn’t reading the series, I completely forgot about Brandon Sanderson until one of my friends said I should give his Mistborn series a try. So I picked up the book, where I subsequently added it to the “I’ll read this when I am interested in fantasy again” pile.

There the book sit for a couple years, until a few days ago. Needing to take a break from Margaret Thatcher’s autobiography, I needed something completely different to read. I almost didn’t start reading Mistborn though, because I didn’t want to commit to a series. The book kept pulling to me for some reason though, so I gave in.

Five days later and I’ve finished reading the first book, with the second one on the way.  I really enjoyed reading Mistborn: The Final Empire. After I started reading the book, I realized I had heard about this book several times before in passing due to the magic system where Allomancers (folks that can do magic stuff) swallow metal and burn the metal to do various types of abilities. I think when I would hear about that mechanic I would say to myself “huh, thats kinda cool”, but then move on to thinking about something else immediately after.

Yeah, its pretty cool. The characters are cool too. I also like the writing style, easy to understand but full of imagery too.