Magic the Gathering Deck List – March 3, 2017 and Final Fantasy TCG Sleeve Review

I constructed this deck during Emerald City Comic-Con during their six-pack sealed event. The event was a very chill event; all of the people I played were all really fun players. I think this may have been one of my favorite events so far. I’m thinking it was because being at Comic-Con, you’re around people whose interests in different things offered at the Con are incredibly diversified. So while we were playing, we’d also chat about other things we want to see. Going to play Magic at Comic-Con was also a great way to spend several hours for the minimal fee of 30 bucks. Talk about value.

On to the deck. Black/Green was what I was feeling with the packs I opened up. Winding Constrictor sealed the deal for my black/green construction. I’ve played green before, but this was the first B/G deck. It was definitely fun to play this deck, and drive my competitors nuts with my Resourceful Return cards.

On to the sleeves. For this event, I decided to break out my brand new Final Fantasy TCG sleeves. I found these recently during an LGS run and was SUPER excited. I am a huge Final Fantasy fan, and typically have no shame in using Final Fantasy TCG accessories for playing Magic. Of course if I were as huge of a fan as I proclaim, I should be playing FF TCG. But anyway, I found these sleeves. Though expensive (15 bucks for 60 sleeves), I was excited for this recent find.


I have to say, I’m a little disappointed. The sleeves in themselves are awesome looking. The shininess of the material make the sleeves stand out even more. However, during shuffling for my second match, I started getting split sleeves! A closer inspection it appears the materials appear to be different. The material the picture is printed on, is a foil-y plastic construction. So it could be the binding of the materials together do not create a strong bind.

Even though I’m a little disappointed in the sleeves, I am a total slave to Square Enix, and probably will buy some more packs.

I’m writing using a Pilot Metropolitan pen with a medium nib. The ink is Pilot Iroshizuku Tsukushi

The paper used is Midori Fountain Pen Tablet.



Magic The Gathering Deck List – February 12, 2017

I’m getting into playing MtG and into writing with fountain pens. This 40 deck list was used on Feb 12, 2017, and consists of blue and green cards with some artifacts. All cards are from Kaladesh.

I’m writing using a Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen with a medium nib. The ink is Pilot iroshizuku’s tsuskushi color.

The paper used is Midori Fountain Pen Tablet